EasyClickBooks.com is a family business. Like many families, we have had to go through the hassles of purchasing textbooks for school. Just like you, we have had to beat around town, from book store to book store in search of these text books. Eventually having to settle that not all the books could be found. It’s a struggle that we not only experienced first hand but saw so many parents in similar situations.

The time has come for change. This archaic way of obtaining these much needed text books has not changed for generations and in this fast paced world we needed something better. We at EasyClickBooks.com have put together a plan to bring text book purchasing to the 21st century. To rid this needed exercise of the headaches and hassles.

So we present you with an innovative Hassle free solution. With a world class and a refreshing customer experience. From the comfort of your home, office or even on the beach with your mobile device. Join us as we eliminate the hassles of purchasing textbooks and deliver joy to you.


Easy Click Solutions transforms lives through innovative, easily accessible online services. Through the creation of new dynamic disturbances within markets, we will provide intrinsic value for consumers. Guided by a strong economic and socially moral compass, we shall gain profitability in business and in the positive changes in the countries we serve.

Our Vision

At Easy Click Solutions we strive to become a leading online solutions based company in the Caribbean region. We seek to create innovative and seamless products for the region that will bring relief to the issues of Caribbean people. Through the creation of a robust and targeted product portfolio, Easy Click Solutions will meet the needs of the people and be financially strong.


“Book Covers and Labels are selected at Check Out”

We offer varied options of labels. Professional looking Black and white labels or fantastic captivating coloured lab.

Our system allows us to cover any type and size of book.

Your books will have a sleek, clean, wrinkle and bubble free cover.
The covers help to more than double the life of the books. They are custom fit, non-toxic, durable and removable. Books are protected from spills, scratches, dust and germs.

Covering & Labeling


Black and White